Graphic Design and Comercial Art

Nightmusique is a creative vehicle dedicated to simple, clean and effective design.



Creative and versatile graphic designer and artist dedicated to simple,
clean and effective design. Specializing in corporate identity, print collateral,
advertising campaigns and presentations. Special emphasis on conceptual
design and communication objectives. Innovative, resourceful and efficient,
with a mastery of both creative modernization and technical disciplines.


Rhea + Kaiser (2014–2015) – Graphic Design
Responsible for the design of all visual aspects of print and on screen projects.
Created concepts for advertising campaigns; corporate branding; advertisement
and promotional collateral. Helped acquire new business, created award winning
work, and elevated the overall level of company’s design and artwork.
Select Client List: Bayer Crop Science, Northwestern Medical, FS, VPL

Creative Circle (2009–2014) – Graphic Design
Design of various presentations, RFP, RFI, mood boards, advertising and marketing
materials for a diverse clientele of marketing and advertising agencies effectively
and efficiently under tight deadlines, on time and on budget.
Select Client List: FreemanXP, Energy BBDO, Hamilton Communications, Life Fitness, SCC,
V-Tech, The David James Group

Event Creative (2007–2009) – Graphic Design & Multimedia
Creatively directed and designed all advertising and promotional materials,
multimedia presentations, and videos from conception to execution. Developed
brochures, postcards, invitations, logos, greeting cards, stage renderings and
a myriad collateral pieces.
Select Client List: Ameriprise, Calyon Agricole, Food For Thought, BCG, After School Matters,
Playstation, Coca Cola, Miller Lite, Gatorade

Event Architects (2007–2009) – Graphic Design & Multimedia
Creative design and layout of various advertising and marketing materials including,
CD covers, brochures, company invitations, and miscellaneous collateral pieces.
Select Client List: United Airlines, Bacardi, Dell

Nightmusique Inc (2001–present) – Fine Art & Graphic Design
Design and implementation of custom artwork in a variety of art forms: residential
and commercial murals, body art, T-shirt airbrush, portraiture, custom art pieces,
paintings, video and audio editing, music, print and web graphics design.
Select Client List: Nokia, Marin, FreemanXP, Hebros Foods, Tatoheads, George’s Brand Meats


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Illustration concentration American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois (2006)


PC & MAC platform, Adobe CSC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, After Effects, KeyNote, PowerPoint, Ableton Live


Graphic Design, Illustrations, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Presentations

Creative Vision & Approach

Controlled Chaos

My paintings don’t pop out, they pull you in!
My work doesn’t really have a statement that is intended as such. There is no pre-conceived concept implied in the content. Rather, it is an open and direct invitation to the audience’s imagination. The meaning or the story is created by the viewer and it carries the emotional and personal elements of their own perception. Every person has a story and everyone’s story is different.
I believe part of the reason for this effect is the way I approach the painting process itself. The idea or the essence of the painting is developed and brought to life entirely during the creation process. The work evolves organically literally under my hands. It is like it is painting itself in a way, and I am just there to direct the overall chaos, to stir and manage the brushes and paints as they fly around in unexpected directions.
Basic geometric and organic shapes are the building blocks in most of my work. They morph into each other to imply a perceptual depth and to create movement. Through these shapes, lines and movements, the viewer’s imagination is invited onto a journey.

A little nightmusique...

Most of my music is created similarly and has been greatly inspired by my approach to painting. Ideas are developed and captured quickly. There is no elaborate post editing or studio trickery. The point is to capture an idea I like and move on.



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